Prescription Assistance Program

Prescription Assistance Program

Need help paying for costly medications?

The folks over at the Partnership for Prescription Assistance, PPA, may be able to help you obtain low cost or free prescriptions. for more than 2,500 medications.

With a database of more than 400 patient assistance programs available for more than 2,500 medications, PPA, offers one application for multiple programs.

Patient advocates are available to help, M-F, 9am-5pm (ET), in Spanish and English.

If you are a caregiver, or provider, you can help complete the application for someone.

FYI, the best place to start controlling the price of medications, is to ask your provider to prescribe from the $4 formulary.

Disclaimer: I am not advocating for Walmart, but I have used their formulary here because it is the best formulary I have found online. These drugs should be available at any pharmacy that offers $4 prescriptions, except in some states, as described.






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