Food and Spirit

Food and Spirit with Deanna Minich | Transforming all levels of the self through the alchemy of foods and eating.

Deanna Minich teaches us to understand our inner drives in relationship to the foods we choose to consume.

For instance, if you are craving sweets perhaps what you are actually craving is more sweetness in your life. Do you have enough joy, intimacy, hugs and social closeness?

What are your favorite foods? My love of blueberries started when I was a little girl and is still my constant companion. Apparently, purple foods like blueberries support the Crown chakra which connects to divinity, spirituality, clarification and all of life. My instinctual adoration of blueberries helps support a very active chakra in my life.

Food plays a vital role in healing therefore recognizing how different foods support or deplete our energy centers is important to consider when assessing health.

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