How Do You See Yourself?

Metaperceptions: How Do You See Yourself? | Psychology Today.

With the holiday season in high gear, nearly at the climax of social obligations and opportunities for social engagement, it’s easy to wonder about the impressions we make on others after any given interaction.

For those among us, who like myself, generally despise Christmas, getting out and about is more of an exercise in “trying not to bum too many people out” than anything else.

Mostly, I feel like hiding to prevent others from exposure to my decidedly unpleasant expression of anti-Christmas cheer, or the “bah humbugs” as I like to call it. After any given social interaction I am left wondering if I’ve adequately hidden my general feelings of hatred for Christmas.

This great, but albeit long article from Psychology Today does a good job outlining ways to examine ourselves, the perception we have of ourselves and how it relates to the perceptions others have of us.

Apparently the bottom line comes down to what we think of ourselves and how far we are willing to go to increase our own self awareness which can be difficult, yet rewarding.

So…bottom line, as long as I put a smile on my face, engage in pleasant conversation and refrain from repeatedly saying “I hate Christmas”, you all might not really notice!

Merry Freakin Christmas…and Bah Humbug!

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