Stop Nosebleeds with Bacon!

When my Dad called to tell me he was headed to the hospital for a nosebleed, I didn’t think much of it at the time. But, now after two emergency room visits, an ambulance ride and a three day hospital stay, I am convinced…nosebleeds can mean trouble!

Fortunately for my Dad, one of the most interesting Ear, Nose and Throat specialist I have ever had the pleasure of meeting was called in to consult on his case.

Dr. Iris Moore it turns out, is a Doc who believes in natural medicine. She explained quite naturally, how bacon is a biologic dressing used quite often in her practice to stop persistent nosebleeds! A biologic dressing has characteristics like those of human skin…i.e. moisture, fat, electrolytes, etc.

Dr. Moore said she stumbled upon research giving evidence to the benefits of bacon for Epistaxis…ummm…nosebleeds many years ago and has been using the technique in her own practice for many years now. Indeed research dating back to 1940 gives evidence to the usefulness of bacon for nosebleeds.

Apparently, the trick is to get the bacon stuffed high enough in the nose to stop oozing from the most common source of the bleed! It sounds incredulous, but Dr. Moore has used this tried and true technique in her practice for many years.

So, next time you have a nosebleed remember to lean forward and press on the nostril the nose is bleeding from the most, with one thumb. If the bleeding persists, try using a small piece of bacon rolled enough to insert in the nose, but thick enough to pack the nostril tight! Kinda like a tampon!

Important to avoid swallowing blood as it causes nausea and make sure to seek medical care if there is any possibility the nose could be broken.

For some great information on stopping nosebleeds check out Their information on stopping nosebleeds is simply written and easy to do! Just remember…if you cannot get that nosebleed to stop…try the bacon! It could save you the trip to the emergency room for a simple nosebleed!


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