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Pranic Energy

As we have a physical body made up of tissues, organs, muscles and bones, we also have an energetic body. This energetic body serves a vehicle for the circulation of ‘prana’ (life force energy), and is composed of various interrelated energy fields.

The fields are often known as the aura, which may be sensed to varying degrees. In the yoga tradition the centres and channels of the energy body are known as chakras and nadis. The following exercises will help you to experience the pranic energy of the subtle body.


In a standing position with the knees slightly bent imagine, on the inhale, you are pulling off a sweater and as your draw down the arms, on the exhale, visualize a sparkling shower of silvery light cascading around and through the body to wash away any negativity, your own, or other people’s you may have picked up during the day. Visualize the falling light shining and splashing over your head, shoulders and chest and down your back and legs to be absorbed by the ground beneath you. Repeat five to ten times.


In sitting pose such as Sukhasana (Easy Pose), Agnistambhasana (Fire Log Pose), or Padmasana (Lotus Pose) imagine you are surrounded by a bright light. On every inhale absorb a wave of light, as if you were a sponge, pulling it in through every pore and to every part of you, except your head. Now, on each exhale, imagine this light energy flowing into your power centre from every part of you to form a vibrant magnetic sphere swirling clockwise. Visualize the light-globe of the power centre glowing more and more intense and feel it pulsating from the core just beneath the navel. Continue until you feel energized, centred and serene.


In one of the sitting poses mentioned above, begin by rubbing the hands together slowly and increase the speed until you are rubbing the hands together very fast. In this way you can stimulate the energy centres in the palms and fingers. Stop, and slowly separate the hands and focus all your attention on the space between them. Allow the hands to curve naturally as if you have a ball between them. Pick up on any sensation – perhaps you may notice a warmth, tingling or vibration. Experiment by taking the hands further apart and then closer together several times, and remain receptive to any new sensations. If you can sense a magnetic-like substance being stretched as the hands move apart, you can be sure you have picked up on the prana. It may take a while before you can feel confident you are actually sensing your own energy.

Lisa Foster is a Certified Yoga Teacher.  She teaches Yoga to children and adults in Oakville, Ontario.

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