21 Ways to Feng Shui Your Life!


Feng Shui your life!


One of the quickest ways to change the energy patterns in your life is to adapt the ancient art of Feng Shui internally. Rather than redirecting the flow of Chi in your physical space with the quick Feng Shui fix of moving 21 objects, change 21 behavior patterns instead.

Here are a list of examples to get you started…

  1. Think the best of others as much as you can.
  2. Remember to breathe deeply.
  3. Limit negative thinking.
  4. Smile.
  5. Pay attention to what you put in your mouth and why.
  6. Limit television.
  7. Limit when and how you use the cell phone.
  8. Meditate whenever you think about it, even if it is only for one minute.
  9. Look at your entire body in the mirror everyday.
  10. Limit negative words in your speech.
  11. Limit negative speak about others.
  12. Limit negative speak about yourself.
  13. Take responsibility.
  14. Be positive in action or deed.
  15. Be kind.
  16. Work to be your best self at every moment.
  17. Live to fulfill your greatest good.
  18. Support others in living to their highest potential.
  19. Nurture yourself.
  20. Listen deeply.
  21. Contribute good things to your community.

Remember, you can’t change anyone else’s behavior, so focus on your own. Think about the negative habits or behaviors in your own life you would like to change.

Please share your thoughts with me!

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