Get Your Virtual Hands on a Hot Body: Hands-Only CPR

American Heart Association – Hands-Only CPR.

Thank goodness for research!

Now we know for sure that lifesaving CPR or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation,  does not have to involve full mouth contact with a stranger!

In fact Research demonstrates the most important thing about CPR, after calling for 911, are proper chest compressions.

“Push hard and Push fast” is quickly becoming the war cry of folks anywhere and everywhere trying to save lives. The really great news is, one can easily learn these skills at home or virtually anywhere…

This great website from the American Heart Association provides anyone with access to a computer, the opportunity to practice the concepts, skills and timing necessary to perform basic CPR. Plus, ya get a really hot body to practice on to boot!

Do yourself and your community a favor. Learn and practice CPR…the live you save could be someone you dearly love…


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