Lose 25% Liver Fat in 48 Hours!

48 hours of food elimination will cause the liver to metabolize 25% of it’s fat!

Easy sauteed kale and cherry tomato with garlic and black bean spaghetti

Saute 1 bunch of Kale and a handful of Cherry Tomato with 1-2 cloves of Garlic in Olive oil, then toss with Black Bean Spaghetti for a fantastically easy meal!

That’s right…

According to scientist reporting data in the excellent “Wieght of the Nation” film from HBO, with just 48 hours of fasting from chronic hepatotoxins like sugar and alcohol, the liver will lose 25% of it’s fat.

Eliminating foods like:

  • Refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and all natural sweeteners – especially Agave
  • Wheat and other processed grains
  • Alcohol
  • Any oil other than coconut, hemp, ghee or high quality olive oil
  • Dairy
  • Processed meats
  • Low quality meats
  • Packaged foods
  • Tobacco
  • Eating simple but highly liver protective bitter greens   Kale, Chard and Parsley can help the liver detox, cleanse and regenerate cells while supporting the flushing of fats with fiber.

Juice, juicing or blending is not recommended due to the high fructose content present after separating the fiber from the food.

Even the fructose in real fruit is a chronic hepatotoxin, once it has been isolated from the fruit fiber.

Focus on eating primarily organic plant based meals with small amounts of nutritious grains like Black Forbidden Rice, or seed grains like Quinoa, Millet or Buckwheat.

Potatoes, beets and sweet potatoes will help provide grounding for your physical and emotional bodies, which is often needed, even during short periods of eliminating toxins.

Grass fed, pasture raised organic meats are fine in small quantities, if desired, but should not be the focus of the meal.

Sweet fruits like Bananas, Dates and Dried Fruits should be used sparingly, as the intense sweetness increases blood sugar levels quickly causing insulin spikes and fat sequestering.

Drink plenty of fresh water with added lemon or Vitamin C powder to help cellular regeneration and REST!

Sleep is extremely important to the liver as most of it’s work detoxifying the body is done between 2 – 4am.

Be nice to your liver for just 48 hours and you will be rewarded with a smaller waistline!

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  1. Thank you for this post. I was just told that I have a fatty liver. Not good! I am going to try this.

    Thank you Nurse Courtney!


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