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The Bach Remedy Chooser

The Bach Remedy Chooser, help choosing the correct Bach Flower Remedies. This is so great! Ever wondered how to figure out which Bach flower remedy to take? Here you are! The Bach Flower Remedy Chooser will help determine…
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Got Ankle Sprain?

Here’s some great information from the folks over at the University of Illinois, McKinley Health Center… Ankle Sprain A Sprain is an Overstretching or Tearing of a Ligament. 85% of all ankle injuries arelateral sprains, which are caused…
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52 Ways to Eat Kale

52 Ways to Eat Kale | Gluten-Free + Dairy-Free Recipes with Natural Foods | Daily Bites. I love Hallie Klecker, a certified holistic nutrition educator and her blog, Daily Bites. All of the recipes featured on her blog are…
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