Hepatitis C Epidemic in Baby Boomers!

Hepatitis C is now a public health epidemic among those born between 1945 and 1965, therefore the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is proposing today that all Baby Boomers have a one-time test for hepatitis C. This widespread but often…
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New Paper Towels Harbor Toxic Bacteria!

Did you know bacterial contamination of machinery used in the pulp and paper  industry is a huge concern for manufacturers? Apparently bacterial contamination from machinery can be transferred to the end paper products and these bacteria can end…
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Understanding Blood Pressure Readings

  American Heart AssociationUnderstanding Blood Pressure Readings Blood pressure is typically recorded as two numbers, written as a ratio like this: Read as “117 over 76 millimeters of mercury” Systolic The top number, which is also the higher…
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