Melody Fletcher Explains Why He Is Not The One!

She cuts right down to the reason why we keep getting close to what we really want, but why we are not quite there. Cut to the chase at 5:45 for the part that helped me the most!

Patient Rights Letter to Provider

{DATE}   Dear Dr._____________________   I have trusted you as my health care provider; however, I feel you may have violated my Right to Self Determination by denying my right to be given complete, accurate, and unbiased information regarding cannabis medicine,…
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Do You Know if You Need Stitches? Here’s Help

August 6, 2015 / By Family Health Team It’s tricky to tell whether a cut or scrape needs a doctor’s attention. Everyone gets skinned knees, small cuts, puncture wounds or animal scratches once in awhile. And many minor lacerations…
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