5 Important Things To Do Everyday for Your Health

 1.  Avoid Refined Sugar! Before refining technology existed, sugar was considered a rare, expensive drug like opium or morphine, now it’s a highly addictive substance added to virtually every manufactured food product on the market. We frown at…
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Violence Against Nurses By Nurses: The Skeleton in Nursing’s Closet

Did you all know Nurses suffer the most workplace violence of any profession? May 6th through 12th, is National Nurses Week, a week where this country honors the contribution of Nurses across the country, but little lip service…
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Get Your Virtual Hands on a Hot Body: Hands-Only CPR

American Heart Association – Hands-Only CPR. Thank goodness for research! Now we know for sure that lifesaving CPR or Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation,  does not have to involve full mouth contact with a stranger! In fact Research demonstrates the…
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