Women Need More Intensive Chlamydia Screening, Says CDC

Annual chlamydia screening alone is not enough to stem the tide of new infections among the nation’s young, sexually active women each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency recommends that physicians also…
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Cancer in Men: Checked Your Balls Today?

Testicular Cancer kills an estimated 350 men a year. Another 8200 men with a median age between 20 and 34 will discover they are new cancer patients, within the next year. Testicular self exam helps you become more familiar with your…
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Up to Date with New Pap Smear Guidelines?

Recent changes to Pap guidelines may have you wondering when exactly you need to have a pap smear and in turn, how often you really need an annual exam with your gynecologist. Here I’m going to review the…
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