Cleanse and Recharge Your Chakras!

Pranic Energy As we have a physical body made up of tissues, organs, muscles and bones, we also have an energetic body. This energetic body serves a vehicle for the circulation of ‘prana’ (life force energy), and is…
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Marijuana and Diabetes: Smoking Out The Truth

Marijuana and Diabetes: Smoking Out The Truth There is a reason why smoking marijuana has such a holistic effect on people. Scientists have discovered that humans and animals produce compounds called endocannabinoid’s that are very similar to those…
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Adaptogenic Herbs: Nature’s Solution To Stress

Thanks to the Nutrition Science News for the use of this article!   By Edward C. Wallace, N.D., D.C.   Impatience, anxiety, irritability. Maybe you’ve seen the effects of stress in your customers’ behavior, or maybe they’ve come…
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