First Aid Guide With Herbs

Wound Care: Your Essential First Aid Care Guide to Cuts, Scrapes, and Burns.

WebMD has put together a simple, easy to follow Wound Care Guide with reliable information from a variety of trusted sources.

I especially like the slideshows highlighting wound care basics, first aid essentials, bandaging and the do’s and don’ts of wound care.

However, I will add the caveat that you will not find any suggestion or mention of alternative medicines or treatments for wounds, pain or emotional trauma at the WebMD site.

Here are the items I find essential:

  1. Vitamin C High Potency Powder – 1 gm per dose

  2. Children’s Benedryl Chewable or Liquid

  3. B&T Arnica 200 ck Homeopathic Tabs

  4. Ibuprofen

  5. Tylenol 500mg

  6. Aspirin 325mg

  7. “>Weleda Arnica massage oil

  8. “>Herbal Ed’s Salve

  9. Lavender and/or Geranium Oil

  10. Flexible Fabric Bandaids or occlusive bandaid or

  11. While traveling by train in France one summer, the Conductor got smashed in the ear by falling luggage. He suffered a large gash on his ear which was bleeding profusely as he walked through my car. When I saw him I pulled out my First Aid Kit, told him I was a nurse in broken French, sat him down and bandaged his ear.
    A French Woman sitting across from me with her family, looked at me and said” why do you carry such a thing when you travel?” I replied, “so I could fix his ear!”

    Remember to pack your own little First Aid kit, you’ll never know when it’ll come in handy…

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  1. I really like your site and this list is super helpful. We have a rudimentary first aid kit at Peerless, but I have been wanting to make a better one for the gallery and for traveling. But what is oregano and lavender/geranium oil used for?

  2. Oh Daphne! Thanks for the great feedback…it’s really nice to hear you’ve been helped!

    Really good questions!

    For treatment of a variety of symptoms, oil of oregano is a strong antimicrobial available for topical or internal use.
    At the earliest onset of sore throat, stuffy nose, fever, malaise, etc., dose with oil of oregano, 3 – 6 drops in a small amount of water, as tolerated twice a day.
    Warning: Oil of oregano is very strong! Best to swallow the drops all at once without touching the lips, It burns.
    Follow immediately with at least 1/2 cup water. Not recommended for young children!

    Whatever condition calls for oil of oregano, high doses of vitamin C should also be given. Check out my previous post on the Clinical Guide to Vitamin C for interesting C facts.

    For topical use, combine oil of oregano with an herbal salve like Herbal Ed’s Salve, Herbal Savvy Goldenseal Myrrh ointment or any other mild healing salve and apply directly to treatment area for cold sores or foot fungus. Again, it’s strong, so careful applying directly to skin.

    Trader Joe’s carries a Lavender Bath and Body Oil, I’ve recommended for years. Safe for babies, it’s the best mosquito repellant, skin conditioner and all around good thing to have. Both Lavender and Geranium are calmative’s, anti-spasmodics, vermin and bug repellants, anti-depressants, analgesic, etc.
    For household cleaning and space balancing, add a few drops of Geranium oil to cleaning solution. Do not use on glass.

    This site has an interesting take on Rose geranium…

    Thanks for the great questions and the feedback! Check back as I have some great articles planned on Spiritual first aid, natural wound care and foods for quick healing.

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