Have Gratitude For It All!

 Hello Dear Souls I am so grateful to you for reading this post!

Thanksgiving just reminded us of the need to have gratitude, but so many are grieving life’s troubles in this moment,  I wanted to reflect on the purpose of things that don’t feel so good and the ways I transform those things into conscious expansion.

Wanting to follow the tradition of appreciation for Thanksgiving, I focused on giving “thanks” to all who have “harmed” me. Of course, this is a really tough thing if the “harm” is deep or violent, but the essence here is to be grateful for the lesson, to be grateful for the challenge, and to have compassion for those you perceive as doing the “harming”. Am knowing this takes a monumental effort with the miasma of hate and bigotry so prevalent in our lives right now.

Shifting these thought patterns made me really grateful for the opportunity to walk the path of the Spiritual Warrior and I would not learn how to walk the way of the Master unless there where circumstances to teach me.
The Master loves everyone, regardless of character. He gives love to all and seeks to serve all. He is always master of the situation, no matter where he is placed. He is never disturbed by the whirlwinds of passion surging about him. Serenely he watches the mad show and seeks to guide others in the ways of sanity.

Often the hardest lesson is to face and surrender to the places in ourself we do not want to claim and these situations force us to face the deeply held beliefs by causing disruption in our lives.

 The Marvel comic movie Dr. Strange was a mind blowing opportunity to visually experience the challenges of facing conscious expansion bounded by the gift of Warriorship. Just the experience of watching and entraining with the film helped to free my mind from subjectivity long enough to comprehend the shift of perspective required to illuminate the path. As a vibrational practitioner, the Quantum principles envisioned in the film led to a much clarified understanding of the science.
Things that don’t feel so good offer us a mirror to our beliefs by reflecting our internal programming.
My feelings of being unlovable and excluded was reinforced by my family actually excluding me from Thanksgiving dinners.  It made me angry, so for years I was distracted with the anger instead of understanding they were just reflecting my own deeply held beliefs about myself, programmed from the time of my inception. It was my Soul imperative to be born into a family that would help me learn my spiritual lessons. And the most difficult lesson for us to learn is to love ourselves. What better way then to born into an unloving family?
 Today, I finally understand what it means to surrender to ego, surrender to the thoughts that “they” have done something to me. Today I understand that the sum total of each experience is an opportunity to walk the path..to cultivate loving kindness and to train the mind and to develop discipline.
 So today as I write this article, I want to give “thanks  for the box of darkness”.
 The sheer pleasure from awakening to the experience is amazing and I appreciate the opportunity to take in the darkness and breathe out joy!
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.    
Nurse Courtney
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