Everything in this Universe is energy including you…

Crystal Energy Healing harnesses the resonance of crystals to boost the energetic frequency of intentional healing.

Electro magnetic and chemical smog, packaged food, stress and lack of sleep dampen optimal molecular and cellular signaling from the toxic by products of oxidative stress and electron loss leaving electrical pathways in disarray. Indeed every biochemical reaction in the Universe is governed by frequency.

Integrating vibrational principles of crystals to harmonize cellular frequencies with focused healing intention helps to align the unseen energies underlying manifestation of dis – ease or discomfort.

Utilizing the 6 step nursing process each client will receive:
– Initial intake with multidimensional, whole body assessment.
– Nursing intake documentation
– Energy field assessment
– Energy body scan
– Client specific crystal grid
– Client specific energy treatment
– Grounding and tuning in to present moment.

Help through death and dying.